Welcome to North Woods of Idaho


Hi i’m Lindy Bryant, Owner of North Wood of Idaho

I’m dedicated to helping individuals and families prepare for emergencies. I offer tailored products, consulting, and training. As an Air Force veteran with extensive disaster response experience, I’ve witnessed the impact of natural and man-made crises across the U.S. I’m here to help you be better prepared.

Success Stories

Survival in a Bottle is a life saver that has truly exceeded my expectations. Whether I’m hiking, or camping this kit provides everything I need to stay safe and secure. The compact design makes it easy to carry.

Isiah Toth

As a mom, Survival in a Bottle gives me peace of mind on our outdoor adventures. During a recent camping trip, an unexpected storm hit, and the kit’s supplies kept us ready and comfortable. I highly recommend it to all parents for their family’s.

stacy patterson

How do I know if this is the right survival kit for me?